Troubles with the MV

Its been a long hard road to try and get the MV inspected and out of customs but it would appear to have paid off.

Ron spoke to the agent in Milan Monday and she advised the bike has been cleared and that it can be collected from them.

There are issues still regarding who is paying the italian agent. The Italian agent wants $ before release, our local agent says that is not necessary as the italian agent bills our local agent…..confussion rains but it would appear this is to be expected. Groan.

In any event Renato will pay the italian agent if need be today when he collects the bike if they are still insisting.

I’ll rest easy when the bike has been picked up.

The race starts soon

Hello to all reading!

With luck we (ie, Renato and I) will update this blog daily.  It serves as a running commentary on our participation in the Milan – Taranto race for 2010. plus some other bits and pieces we plan to do while in Italy.

Renato will be riding a 1960’s TV175 series 3, I will be riding and 1971 MV Agusta 350B – I’m excited!

You can read about the restoration of the MV Agusta on my personal blog here

Well Renato departs Perth in about 30 minutes, bound for Milan where he will get stuff sorted before I arrive.

With luck by the time I arrive my MV Agusta will have been released by Italian Customs and will be available for collection. I will be arriving in Italy next Friday (2 July 2010).

I can’t wait to get going but there is still a fair amount to do!