Wednesday 29 June 2011




Here are some photos of Vittorios museum and the lambretta factory before it is to be demolished
As you can see Akiko and I were very interested. We went into MIlan to day and Akiko and Soibhan purchased shoes and handbags I bought a teatowel with the receipt for lemonchello on it so there will be no arguments with our friends in perth of the correct Use. Ron met with several suppliers and shippers and pigged out. It is very hot so after shopping we came back and Ron,yes ROn went and purchased small meats and cheese from the deli and we have a great meal plus wine at the B&B . On the way back From meeting Ron got lost I know this is hard to believe hence. photo of the innocenti factory. The weather has changed and there are thunder storms so I hope that it is cooler tomorrow. When we rerurn to Milan I will shop by myself as I now know where to go


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  1. Looks like fun.
    Interesting to hear that the old Lambretta factory will finally be pulled down, I’m surprised it hasn’t already!
    I edited your post by rotating one of the photos.

  2. Hey guys sounds like you are all having a ball… Just watch all that Italian food,wine & the hips haha…

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