Dinner with Tino and Nadia




We rode to Tino and Nadia about 3.00pm the traffic
Was not too bad.Tino had returned from Euro Lambretta that morning at 2.30 am The event was held in Ireland this year very wet. As you can see they have Lambrettas everywhere even in the living room. Ron cannot understand why he can’t do the same. We then went to a local restaurant Not Bricks, for a meal joined by other enthusists. Two of the men are going on the race with us Carlo sitting next to Akiko is one of the organizers and has had the T shirts made . We will get them tomorrow at a dinner. Siobhan had to fix her brakes this morning and Ron needs to fix the extra light to the scooter as last night returning to the B&B around 11pm was a bit hairy as the road was very windy and no street lights but we arrived safely and had a good sleep. To day is a little cooler thank God. There is talk of us heading off to Lake Como today for a run it is now 11am and it is about 50km to the Lake so we need to get going soon.Ron has to go to Donato’s this evening to find the light bracket so I don’t know where I will eat and realy that is the most important thing after all.

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