Days 2 ,3 and 4

I know that it has been a while but what things have been very rushed and no time to think let alone blog.  If you are not on the road you are rushing to eat and then sleep; the meal of the first night, which was put on by the locals of Zola and was very nice, did not end until very late.

Day 2 – Zola to Togiano

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The next day was a 8am start and of to the first check point at Peitramala, the route was very mountainous and scenic but no time to stop and take photos.  Ron enjoyed the trip as the weather was cool. Unfortunately Mike, one of the English guys, came off and was hurt but went on . His brake was a little damaged but mainly the light so all OK.

This day was 322km with check points at Pietramala, Dicomano, Bibbiena and Ripa, all supplied us with good food and drinks.  We, in the van, were a long way back from Ron, getting very lost did not help but it did help one of the Italians who was also lost, very, and out of fuel. We eventually got back on route and it had started to rain rather heavily.  We then received a call from Howard to say that he was having fuel trouble.  We loaded him onto the van and set off to the Hotel arriving late and having to once again rush to get ready for the meal.  The hotel was beautiful but not there long enough to take advantage of it. The nights meal was in a huge castle on top of the mountains which we left for it at 8.30pm by bus.  As soon as we arrive we just had time to have a quick look at the scene and then on with the largest meal I have ever seen.  The food did not stop coming, nor the wine until 12.00pm. Then onto the bus back to the Hotel by 1.30 and into bed to start again the next day at 7.30am from the hotel then to the days start.

Day 3 – Torgiano to Ferentino.

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There was great discussion as to what was to happen to Akiko and me because Mike’s shoulder and Howards bike my not have been OK for this days travel.  We had made friends with some Japanese, a rider and two people filming, and had eaten with them each night.  Akiko asked if we could travel in their car, air conditioned, and they said Ok, so we traveled with them all day.

The scenery was out of this world. The ride was very hot and Ron was very tired but at the end of this stage he was equal third in the scooter class.

The people of Ferentino put on singing in the town square, it was very good and every body appreciated it.

Day 4 – Ferentino to Caserta

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We started a much more reasonable hour, 9 o’clock, from the hotel not so many mountains today and much shorter at only 187km.  Passing through Vairano Scalo, the town put on this huge spread with everything you could think of.

Soibhan’s scooter had a small breakdown but nothing major and is now OK.

We are now in the hotel in Caserta.  Unfortunatly I have lost the photos for the last two days but will download from Rons camera.  Todays are Ok.

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  1. Wait…… you have lost the photo’s! How can you loose photos, I though Apple hardware just worked?

    Cleaned up your post.

  2. Sounds like an awful lot of eating and drinking. You know that’s not a very healthy lifestyle particularly for the chronologically challenged like yourselves.

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