Start day

Well the big day has arrived. It is stinking hot, getting to 36 apparently but unlike Perth the humidity is very high (about 50%) which makes for a draining heat. We are right now in the B&B trying to rest and keep out of the heat.

Ron’s, Graham and my bikes are ready to go, poor old Bill had a few problems with his scooter yesterday. The exhaust modification that was done on Friday resulted in the engine having no power so he had to take it back to be re-worked on yesterday. Bill is still working on the scooter now and it is very hot.

We will be arriving at the start at about 3:30 this arvo for inspection and all the other stuff that needs to be done then sit around till midnight for the start.

Just got an update that Bills scooter is done and its good to go.

So, all is good to go will update again tomorrow after the first leg!

==Update August 2010==
Truth be told I was very nervous, in fact sh!tting my self and was on my bed when writting the post above trying to get some rest knowing that I was not going to be sleeping a wink the coming night (and had not slept well the night before either).

Things going through my head…
Would my bike break down?
Would I fight sleep deprviation successfully?
Would I get lost in the dark?
Why the hell do they start at midnight?
How the hell do you operate the petrol bowsers that take cash after hours?

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