Photos from day 2, 3 & 4


Here are some photos up to date, have not got the ones missing yet but the Japanese have recovered them onto their computer, just need to get onto mine.

Day 5
The day was full of caios.  We set off fine but before long found Siobhan broken down,  loaded her up and set off for the first check point. As we were passing through a small town she saw a Honda dealer and we stopped to see if they had a spare electronic ignition. Just when we were off loading her scooter Howard rang me he had had an accident had hit a car and needed us, so we left Soibhan, and head off to Howard .



I rang Donato to organise the Lambretta Van to pick Siobhan up.  By the time we reached Howard the police and ambulance were there.  He would not get in the ambulance so after we picked up the scooter (a write-off) we headed to the check point but by the time we got there they were packing up. After many phone calls and directions the Van found Siobhan so everybody was taken care of.


We made up time as the rest of the course was very flat compared to the other days. It was very hot in the van and we were very happy to reach the sea side .

We did not go through the town of Molfetta just around the sea edge which was a bit disappointing as my sons mother in law is from there and we had once spent a Christmas there.

We reached Bari, again through the outskirts without actually going through the middle of the city, and assembled by the sea. Everybody happy to be cool.


Later, after we had found the hotel then Siobhan asked where Akiko was.  She was traveling with the Japanese again and we had not seen her at the finish and thought that they would drop her off at the Hotel.  Each night two hotels were needed for the 400 odd people travelling with the race which includes followers and marshalls.  Colin and Malcolm tried to find the other hotel but the gps could not find it.  FInally, after many phones calls via Japan to people who do not speak english she finally arrived on the back of a BMW motor bike –  talk about total confusion!

That night we had a fish meal and returned to the Hotel for a good sleep.  Howard is OK this morning apart from a huge bump on his eye socket, bruising and cuts.
Late start this morning as last day.

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