Last day

That’s me going through the line in the van. The Japanese have the photo of Ron and will email it to me they also saved the other photos that I deleted.

The last day, although very short, was very hot and by the time we reached the last check point and waited for the food to come I had had it and went inside the council house and cooled down along with some other people.

Then it was on to Taranto and ALL the speeches,  they went on and on.  Ron and Siobhan both got two trophies and a pin.  It was then time to farewell the other van people namely Malcolm, Colin, Howard and Mike; they mad the trip very enjoyable for Akiko and I even though we have had many hours of heat, rough riding and  no air condition but laughs were plentifull.

If anybody thinks that the ride is a walk in the park they are very mistaken, fortunately no body was killed this year but several had accidents and were walking around very slowly.  Ron did a great job of finishing without mishap and Siobahn’s bike was repaired so she was able to finish as well.

After a good sleep and not so early start we were off to Milan via the Adriatic coast. Soibhan needed to get some repair done to her scooters forks so we are going to Torchiarolo where the Lambretta dealer is going to fix it for her today, a Sunday.  The people are very generious, we are staying in a B&B nearby and will head off in the morning.

We have hired a car, an Audi, with air conditioning soft seats (what a dream) and will follow Ron and Siobhan over the next few days until we reach Milano.

I have used up all the batteries in all the cameras so no more photos.

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