Day 2. Pisa to Principina





Well a reasonabl start hour today at 9:15am but by7 then it was stinking hot and humid so I guess I’ll find something to winge about regardless.

The route took us to the Vespa (Piaggio) museum in Pontedera which was very cool. After that it proceeded in landinto the country side where the whole of Italy seems to be sunflower, hay or vineyards.

The highest point was only 400m today but the road up was full of hair pins, very tight but good fun.

It then went back over to the westcoast of Italy to a place called Marina de Cecina for lunch.

It finished at the hotel here in Grosetto which is about 100km North of Rome on the westcoast.

Pics to follow

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  1. Martin, I hope you are doing some Italian-type designer label shopping for your AWESOME wife who is letting you do this trip.!!

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