At the start



We have all arrived at the start and waiting for inspection.

A couple of picks to prove it….

==Update August 2010==
It was sooooo blooody hot that afternoon. The problem with Milan is it gets hot and humid.

Plenty of bikes turned up that afternoon (I think there was about 220 bikes that started) – they arrived in all sorts of ways, ridden (like we did), on the back of utes, trailers, vans etc.

At about 6pm the nbike inspection scommenced which is to say a bunch of poeple started forming up behind wheer the inspectin takes place. It was one of the better lines of people I have seen in Europe with some sense of order and not to muitch pushing in.

The inspection consisted of…. start it, lights work, quick look over by the staff and that was it, no horn check (to many bikes would have failed I think), no real concern for oil leaks or stearing head slop, I guess it was up to you to take responsibility for your own well being – I have to say that this is a fine mentality to have and one which I approve heartily of. The inspector initials the head of the bike frame, gives you your pack (consists of race number bib, stickers, T-shirt, magazine) and you are free to go.

I was still shitting my self and just wanted to go get some sleep for the night that is soon to start.

They had a band playing at the start (rock band) which was very loud and made it hard to speak with fellow participants but its tsopped at about 9pm.

I drank a lot of water that night trying to keep my hydration up.

At about 11am after trying to sleep in the van (unsuccessfully) we all got changed into riding gear. I was going to wear a full leather riding suiot and jacket but it was still to hot so I went with the draggin jeans and jacket which were cooler.

At the start time (midnight) it was still very warm

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  1. Cant believe Im reading your blog… Lee-Ann told me to so it looked as though you have friends… Nice picture though. Have fun.

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