Day 1. Milan – Pisa





Started the first day (well actually night) at 12:44am.

The first days leg started at milan’s Idroscalo (their rowing lake next to Linate airport). Plenty of lightning throughout the night but didn’t get rained on.

The legs are broken into stages – each one of different length, the basic idea is that you need to start at a predeffined time at each of the stages which means you need to finish each leg on time.

It was a bit of a worry riding at night but once you get with a group of rider it was ok.

The route is marked by stickers placed on signs or lamp poles so as long as you keep an eye out for then as you go you are fine.

After perhaps 5 hours of riding we started on the very twisty Lagurian mountain range (did the Cisa pass at 1000m!) and found our way to Lucca. From Lucca we then went to Pisa.

The mountain part was fantastic, beutifull views of valleys and mountains.

Pics as always of som eof the places on the way.

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