Day 5, Paestum to Matera

Well today was the final full day of riding of the race and what a long day it was.

As always a quick going over of the bike prior to going and then made a start at about 8:45.

Not long after the start it was into the mountains/large hills for a fair few twisties and a maountain pass to boot then a stop at about 10:30.

From there it was into some very remote parts of italy and about 5 hours of up and down, left and right.   It went on and on and on.

There was a stop in a place called Anzi which is at the top of a hill which very cool and then off again.

On the way out of Anzi the bloke in front of me didn’t see the arrow and went the wrong way, easy to get lost.

Into another town at about 4 ish for a time check then off again in the heat (it has been over 34 the whole time).  While at the town I heard and saw an emergency helicopter and I thought that was not a good sign.  Sure enough, on my way out I see the couple in the Messesschmidt 3 wheeler have gone around a hairpin to tight, hit an on coming car and flipped over.  They do not wear helmets so it was a bit of a mess as you can imagine in a convertible.

Shaken, I slowly made my way to the last timed stop of the day and then on to Matera, over 300km again today and in the heat it is hard work. 

The reception in Materas main square was very good and then it was on to the hotel just down the road.  A quick shower and a beer then in the bus to the hilton for dinner.

Dinner wasn’t served till 9:30, there were a lot of grumpy tired riders but it eventually turned up.

Finally to bed at about 11:30 – knackered as always.


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