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20110630-023235.jpg Genuine unrestored Italian scooter with the original dealer sticker on horn cast. Will restore for the next milan to toranto race P.O.A. Ron found this whilest I was shopping. Went to the local supermarket with Vittoria and had a good chance to check out the prices and choice of food had a great time. Will catch up with Nadia and Tino this afternoon. Yesterdays thunder storm was a bit of a let down not much rain the weather is still sticky. Thank god for the airconditioner

Wednesday 29 June 2011




Here are some photos of Vittorios museum and the lambretta factory before it is to be demolished
As you can see Akiko and I were very interested. We went into MIlan to day and Akiko and Soibhan purchased shoes and handbags I bought a teatowel with the receipt for lemonchello on it so there will be no arguments with our friends in perth of the correct Use. Ron met with several suppliers and shippers and pigged out. It is very hot so after shopping we came back and Ron,yes ROn went and purchased small meats and cheese from the deli and we have a great meal plus wine at the B&B . On the way back From meeting Ron got lost I know this is hard to believe hence. photo of the innocenti factory. The weather has changed and there are thunder storms so I hope that it is cooler tomorrow. When we rerurn to Milan I will shop by myself as I now know where to go


Last couple of days

We are here after a long stopover in singapore thank heaven for the hotel at the airport slept all day and could have a shower. The flight was delaid in China for no aparent reason so we were given a meal voucher by the airline . Singapore air are excelente .
Arived at Melpensa around 8,30am and caught the bus to linate where Vittoria picked us up and we settled in and had a long shower and sleep. Unfortunatley the Rons mobile was not connecting.Mine was OK but when we went to put more money on it the girl at the airport said that both the numbers were blocked. After evening meal at Bricks,the people know Ron by now,we came bac to the B&B and slept again. The next day Vittioria took us the the large zhopping centre and Ron was able to sort out the mobiles and the sim for computer.He was al lot happier.
Donato picked him up and took him to get the scooter and Martins bike. The scooter stRted fine but the bike did not. However that did not matter and the courier who is taking the shipping container to Vittorio’s factory will pick up the bike from Donato. That evening Donato and his wife Giovanna went out to dinner with use at Bricks, the food is basic but fine.
Siobhan and Akiko arrived on Sunday looking very tired,but after shower and sleep we all went to Bricks for evening meal. The days are long and even at 9.00pm is is still light. People eat around 9 and even the kids are still around after 11 .
Ron have washed his scooter and applied the numbers on the Saturday so on Monday Sibhan and Ron went to the factory to do an overhaul and to make sure that all was well with the sooters.
Vittorio had other people there form overseas so he took us all out to lunch,you guessed it at Bricks. That evening we have a meal prepared at the B&B as the restaurant is closed in the evening very nice meal. I have typed the blog four times now and lost it sorry for the delay but now am on track and the next one will not be as long. Also there has been a problem withthe server and Davina said she did not get the email ISent Saturday.



Just a couple of photos of Ron washing the scooter,with my hair shampoo in th e overalls from Donato . He looks the part Old Italian with old scooter

Renato – On an LD in Milan

Got this photo from one of Dads mates in Milan (Donato). I’m guessing this is one of Donato’s LD’s that Dads getting around on while over there preparing his Li for the MiTa that starts this weekend.

You need to ease into riding in Italy, riding for the first time during the MiTa would not be a good idea.

Almost time to depart for the 2011

Its almost time for Renato ans Suzanne to head over to italy to take place in the 2011run.

When over there Suzanne and Renato will be documenting the race and hopefully taking photos. Lets see how it goes shall we!

Some updates

There was a story in the Old Bike Australia Magazine the other month, in it was a write up by Bill Guthrie who was in Team Australia (with whom I was riding). Bill was riding an old Lambretta C model race replica (number 21) which unfortunately broke and so he had the unenviable job of having to watch the race from the support van for the remaining 4 days.

Luckily for us he made some pretty good notes about the race and given he is a professional photographer took some bloody good pics. I will stick a copy of the article here for you all to read about.

I will also be updating the site with some more pics from the 2010 race from some of the pro-photographers that follow the race, there are some good ones.

Lastly, Renato (my father who was also in Team Australia in 2010 – number 22 in the 2010 MITA) will be in this years Milan – Taranto again (this will be his 4th in a row). Renato will hopefully work out how to post on this blog with his iPad over the next month and can keep you all up to date on the ins and out of the race like I did last year. Keep tuned!






Bet you thought you had heard the last of me? Well no, you haven’t.

Keep in mind that the initial posts I made were while on the ralley (well except for days 4, 5 and 6 but whoes counting).

I am going to review the comments, delve deep into my memories and try to add to and elaborate on some of the events now that I have started work again which brings with it the wish of doing something else.

Updates to come!!

Stelvio pass

While in milan we thought we should take advantage of the alps at our door step and attempt an Alps pass so we chose the Stelvio pass.

I saw this on top gear one time and thought it looked like fun so on Tuesday 13th July we but Renatos scooter and my bike in the back of the van and drove the 200 odd km to Bormio which is where the pass starts.

My bike wasn’t running very well, just missing a bit at the bottom end of the rev range but it was still rideable so off we went.

Hairpin after hairpin up and up till the 34 degree drifted down as we started passing ice by the road side melting in the sun.

Finally we arrived at stelvio 2800m (about 9000 ft) above sea level.

It was really cold up there with no trees, had a hot dog (€5!) then back down, slowly the rain cleared and it got warmer till into Bormio and it hot one more.

The drive home seemed to take longer than the drive there passing through many tunnels through the maintains as we went, some were 3km long!

Exhausted again we arrived back in Milan at about 8:30pm.


Day 6, Matera to Taranto

A treat today, start was at 12:40 pm for me and only 150km for the day.

We called in at 2 or 3 places along the way till our final timed stop.  At the final stop all the bikes lined up for a group ride into Taranto which was about an hour away.

Once we all arrived at the main sea side road that was bloked off for the race end each of the bikes was lined up and alowed to go as fast or slow as they wished to finally cross the line.

The race was over and we were all fairly knakered so after checking in at the hotel down the road we had a rest before dinner and presentations.

I was lucky enough to get 3rd in my class (350cc sport class) so get a bigger trophy than the rest.

And that’s it, then end to an epic race.  Its really a marathon.  300 – 400km per day on challenging road is hard work made even more exhausting by the high temperature and humidity.  I have heard that the race is legalised madness – it is, its mad.  Imagine 250 motorbikes and support all decending on a small town for 2 hours then disapearing in a cloud of smoke, noise and no regard to traffic rules and you get a sense of what its like… Madness.